Artists A-Z (A Kindergarten Alphabet Art Show)

“Ms. Eargle, this is like trick-or-treating but better because instead of collecting candy you get to collect artwork!” -Zachary

Throughout the year, Kindergarteners spent each week learning about an artist or art technique whose name corresponds to a letter in the alphabet. By late April, each student had a portfolio of 26 artworks, ranging from painting to drawing, sculpture, and even site-specific installation.

With their vocabulary of artists in hand, we traveled to the National Gallery of Art, where students looked for the work of artists we had studied in class.

This day long field trip was followed by an art exhibition that took over much of the wall space throughout the school. Family and friends joined the young artists, as they sung a song about all of the artists they had been introduced to. Then each family dispersed into the hallways to look at a year’s worth of work.

A-C (Karel Appel, Charles Burchfield, Alexander Calder)

D-F (Jean Dubuffet, Shannon Ebner, Frida Kahlo)

G-I (Gerhard Richter, Howard Hodgkin, Zon Ito)

J-L (Jasper Johns, Gustav Klimt, Annie Leibovitz)

M-O (Henri Matisse, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg)

P-R (Pablo Picasso, Quilt, Faith Ringgold)

S-U (Georges Seurat, Wayne Thiebaud, Jerry Uelsmann)

V-Z (Vincent Van Gogh, Weaving, X-Ray, Jack Youngerman, Zuperman!)

Estefania said she likes Ebner because that art spelled words and she liked to spell Friendship with art.

Madeline liked Richter and loved spreading and mixing colors with the squeegee.

Nathan like Zuperman because he loved turning himself in to a super hero with powers.

Patrick likes Nevelson because he loved working with wood to make things the way she did.

Penny likes Annie Leibovitz because she likes to pose for the camera.

Peyton likes Frida Kahlo because Frida likes animals and so does Peyton.

Ruby likes Van Gogh because the backgrounds of his paintings are colorful and interesting.

Saanvi likes Annie Leibovitz because she liked taking pictures and posing.

Zachary likes Van Gogh  because he likes the swirls and stars and colors in Starry Night.

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