Visualizing Peace

Each year Barnesville students participate in a week long event called “Peace Week.” Traditionally, this week occurs just before Martin Luther King Day. Between January 9th and 13th, students from Pre-K to 8th grade participated in several workshops that focused on the question: What does peace look like?

School wide, students read the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and embarked on their own journey to fold one thousand cranes in five days. We succeeded, plus some!


We were also visited by a yoga instructor, who led the school in connecting to the idea of inner peace through a practice of mindfulness.

In Middle School, we were visited by the Baltimore based sound artist Andrew Keiper, who talked about how “deep listening” can be a powerful tool towards social change.

On the last day of Peace Week, the whole school had a peaceful march towards the gymnasium, where we shared songs about peace and presentations on key figures from the Civil Rights Movement. We closed the ceremony with a candle lighting, once again connecting back to the ways in which peace is visualized, communicated, and cultivated by the wonderful teachers, staff, and students of Barnesville School.

Here is an animation made by three of my students using some of the paper cranes, and photos taken throughout the week.

Music from

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