Mysterious Objects

Sixth grade social studies focuses on the study of ancient civilizations. With this in mind, we began the year with some reading about archaeology. Much of what we know about early civilization comes from the study of objects used by people many thousands of years ago. These objects are unearthed by archaeologists and put into context by historians.

Students worked in groups, where they took on the roles of archaeologist and historian, as they came up with a narrative about an assigned artifact. As part of this exercise, students had to connect the physical characteristics of their artifact to a specific time, place, and society.  

For the main project, students invented their own artifacts and brought them to life with clay. We learned to build using the pinch, coil, and slab techniques, and then glazed the finished projects.

Finally, students created a “museum description” to accompany their artifacts. This description was written as part of their language arts class. Students then used Adobe Photoshop to create a well designed poster, describing their project.   

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