Middle School Collaborative Day



Barnesville’s Middle School dedicates one full day each month to “Collaborative Days,” built around cross-curricular projects, hands-on learning, or field studies. October’s Collaborative Day combined hiking, art, and service on nearby Sugarloaf Mountain.


Before leaving campus, students viewed a portion of the documentary Rivers and Tides, which showcases the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy is a British artist who curates natural materials within the landscape, creating ephemeral works of art known as earth art. As students hiked up Sugarloaf, they looked for opportunities to create similar works of art, which were then photographed by each teacher.

At the top of the mountain, students worked in their advisory groups to create a collaborative panoramic sketch. Sitting in a circle, with their backs facing inwards, each student drew what they saw so when the drawings are pieced together, they create a 360-degree view.

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